The Independent Consultant's Survival Guide

Starting up and succeeding as a self-employed consultant

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Edition: 1st
Publication Date: June 2005
Pages: 208
Format: Book

ISBN13: 9781843981169

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Every year thousands of people like you decide to make the move to independent consultancy. And next year hundreds of them will go crawling back to the security of paid employment.

The problem is simple: to succeed at most jobs you have to be good at what you do; to succeed as an independent consultant you also have to be good at everything else all those people you used to work with did as well.

If you're serious about becoming a successful independent consultant, you'll need all the help you can get. You need advice from people who've been there and survived long enough to tell the tale.

Mike Johnson, a successful independent consultant for over twenty years has spoken to hundreds other self-employed consultants: some who've been incredibly successful, some who make a living and some who've failed. He has distilled their advice, and his own experience, in to his book.

It's not a book about how to consult - it's about how to be a consultant. If you want to make it through your first year, if you want to see your business prosper and grow, if you don't want to have to go back and get another job working for somebody else, then you'll need The Independent Consultant's Survival Guide.
Think about it
How to get Started
Your Workspace
Life of a Salesman - Fees
Marketing Yourself
Counting the Cost
New Business
Developing the Business
What's Next?

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson is a consultant, author and Managing Partner of Johnson Associates Limited, a corporate communications consultancy. The firm's main activities are internal communications strategy, researching and writing on world-of-work issues and management education strategy for major corporations and institutions.

'This is a practical and essential guide for anyone contemplating establishing their own business. Johnson captures all the key elements which allow a successful transition and is very clear about what can send you off track. Grounded in common-sense and humour.'
Norman Walker
Former Global Head, Human Resources, Novartis
Now an independent senior executive coach and consultant on leadership

'I wish this book had been available when I began my independent career. There's only one word for it - PRICELESS!!!'
Shay McConnon
Psychologist, trainer, coach and mentor

'Mike Johnson, offers useful advice on surviving in a competitive environment and tips on growing a business.'
The Guardian 30/07/05
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