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About the qualification programmes we run

As CIPD's own learning delivery arm, we provide qualification programmes for those who work in HR and training, learning and development, as well as for line managers in all functions.

There are numerous organisations across the UK to choose from when deciding where to do your qualification; ranging from local colleges offering evening classes to independent providers. But there are a number of things that make the programmes we deliver, and the support you receive, different from the rest.

Read on to find out about the qualification programmes we offer, and why you should study with us!

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Qualification programmes from CIPD Training

The full CIPD qualifications

If you’re looking to get CIPD qualified, we run CIPD Certificate programmes at foundation, intermediate and postgraduate levels. Upon successful completion of a CIPD Certificate, you’ll achieve Associate membership of the CIPD and be able to use the letters 'Assoc CIPD' after your name to demonstrate your professional credentials.

CIPD Foundation Level 3 Certificates (equivalent to A-Level)

CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Certificates (equivalent to degree level)

At postgraduate level, we also offer the Diploma. Successful completion of the Diploma at this level gives you the underpinning knowledge to apply for Chartered Membership.

CIPD Awards

CIPD Awards offer specialist learning in a specific area. They are ideal if you’re looking to achieve accreditation relevant to your area of work.

Qualifications accredited by other awarding bodies

In addition to CIPD qualifications, we also offer a range of specialist qualifications accredited by other awarding bodies in areas such as talent management, organisation development and coaching.

View all the qualification programmes we offer that are accredited by other awarding bodies

Fast track programmes

We recognise that it’s not always easy to fit study around your work and personal commitments. So we’ve developed a range of fast-track options for those who are strapped for time and wish to complete a qualification in a shorter period of time. The face-to-face elements are delivered in intensive blocks of time, in some cases just one week.

View all fast-track programmes

Qualification levels

All the qualifications programmes we offer range from introductory and foundation programmes for those starting out in their careers, to advanced qualifications for more experienced practitioners.

Why do your qualification with us?

Whilst we know you have many choices when it comes to selecting which which provider to do your qualification with, there are a number of things which make our qualification programmes stand out!

A unique purpose

The CIPD’s purpose is to champion better work and working lives by improving practices in people and organisation development for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society.

Because we don’t have shareholders, every penny of profit we make is re-invested to enable us to work with the profession to achieve this purpose.

Unique, practical insights from our research

All our programmes incorporate the latest thinking, insights, facts and figures from the wealth of knowledge that comes from our research, which means that you benefit from access to the very latest trends and developments and the most up-to-date practices.

As a thought leader on the changing nature of work, workforce and workplace, the CIPD produces research that is designed to keep the HR and L&D profession, employers and the wider business communities up-to-date with current and emerging trends. CIPD research is independent and credible. It draws on the experiences and knowledge of the profession, organisations, large and small and academics, as well as collaborating with leading bodies to provide insights on the latest thinking. Its research outputs are regularly referred to at conferences and by the media, as well as by key UK policymakers and the Government.

First class tutors

The tutors you will meet have in-depth knowledge of their subject, and combine academic expertise with years of hands-on business and industry experience. They are passionate about their specialist areas, and have proven time and time again their ability to facilitate top-quality learning and provide the best possible learning experience. So,whilst theory and models matter (and you'll get them), they are skilled in helping translate them into your day-to-day reality.

Why not look them up on Google? We're proud of the fact that many of our tutors are among the UK's leading experts in their specialist area.

View some of our tutor profiles

Practical and applicable

For your learning to work, it has to be relevant to your workplace. That’s why our programmes focus on providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply your learning back at work straight away. You’ll explore your own needs and issues, as well as share experiences, challenges and insights with other participants and your expert tutor. We constantly update and improve our programmes, to ensure they are aligned with your changing needs and prepare you for the issues facing your profession.

Unlimited support from a personal tutor

On most of our programmes, you’ll be assigned a personal tutor, who provides support, guidance and encouragement throughout the programme. This is invaluable when you are juggling the challenge of studying with a busy home and work life. They’ll be ready to support you by phone or email whenever you need it.

A blended approach

Most of our qualification programmes take a blended approach – combining face-to-face learning with self-study and online working. This powerful mix is one of the best ways to achieve sustained skills enhancement, and also minimises the time you need to spend away from the office.

Comprehensive additional resources - on and offline

You’ll be provided with comprehensive documentation and reference material to support you in your studies, including textbooks (where relevant), in addition to which (on most programmes) you’ll also have access to an online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE includes extensive additional learning resources and links to articles, research, surveys and practical tools relevant to your studies. It also enables you to network with your fellow learners and participate in networked discussion forums facilitated by your tutor between face-to-face learning days. Plus you’ll find tips and guidance on how to do assignments, and for exam-based qualifications, revision tips, past exam papers, examiner’s reports, online exam tutorials and much more.

So, what's it really like?

We have a range of videos which give you a deeper insight into what our programmes are really like, including what our learners have to say about us!

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