Cyber Security for HR Professionals

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This 75 minute free e-learning module – run by CIPD Training and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport – will increase your awareness of cyber security and the issues involved so that you can apply the knowledge in your own organisation. The training aims to help you to protect both yourself, help educate others, and thereby to protect your business. It will also help you to be more aware of cyber security issues.


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All modern organisations use information as part of their normal business to deliver services. They also depend upon sharing information with partners and customers. The exchange of information and the delivery of goods and services use the Internet (for example, external data storage provided by Cloud environments) and other forms of data transfer such as USB or other devices. This interconnected world can make doing business more efficient and cheaper. It is vital that the information used to operate the business is protected; in the workplace, on the move and online.

Cyber security is about protecting yourself, your organisation and any employee or customer data when doing business in today’s interconnected world. This means having confidence in the cyber security of your organisation both from a technical (hardware and software) perspective and from an employee safeguarding perspective.

Cyber security is important for HR professionals for two main reasons:

  1. As HR professionals you have a key role to play in promoting the well-being of your company’s employees. Helping to support educate and inform others of how to present and protect themselves online will both support individuals and safeguard your organisation against unauthorised access to commercially sensitive information.
  2. Promoting cyber security helps to ensure that your organisation’s information and operations are protected. The majority of cyber security incidents have been proven not to be a technological or hardware issue, but as a result of human behaviour. HR therefore has a pivotal role to play in influencing the behaviours of your organisation’s employees.
Who is it for

Anyone who works in an HR capacity and would like to know more about cyber security.

  • Increase your awareness of cyber security
  • Apply the knowledge you gain in your own organisation
  • Protect yourself, others and your business
  • Have confidence in your organisation’s cyber security
  • Support, educate and inform others in your organisation how to protect themselves online
  • Ensure your organisation’s information and operations are protected.
  • What cyber security is, how it affects you and why you should care about it;
  • The threats to how you do business and how they affect you as an individual;
  • How attacks happen and terms such as ‘phishing’ and ‘hacking’;
  • The possible impacts of cyber attacks on you, your organisation, your employees and your customers;
  • What you can do to mitigate these impacts.
Dates and fees

Full Up-front Qualification Fee £0 + VAT, Member fees: £0 + VAT

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