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CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement - Competency-based route

Level: Advanced   /   Suitable for in-house

Prove that you have the expertise in employee engagement, and you could receive The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement, without the need for additional study. This qualification is designed for those already performing in this area and looking for recognition for their experience to date.

There are two options for completing this qualification:

  • Competency-based, 20-week programme; designed for those who are already working to a high standard in this area and are seeking recognition for their experience to date. This web page provides details of the competency-based route.
  • Fast-track, 5-week programmesuited to those who do not have experience in this area and are looking to develop their knowledge and skills through an intensive programme of face-to-face workshops in a one-week block, assessment and self-study. Find out more about the fast-track programme.



The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement is a specialist competency-based award. It has been specifically designed for HR professionals with expertise and competence in employee engagement, who wish to gain recognition of their experience gained to date.

The competency-based route is a fast way to get your specialist CIPD qualification without any need for further study. All you need to do is prove that you have the experience and are already working to a high standard in order to be awarded with the relevant CIPD qualification.

Developed from the specialist professional areas of the CIPD Profession Map, the competency based advanced level awards from CIPD's learning delivery arm reflect the current and future competencies of today’s HR professional. With a style that challenges the experienced practitioner, the approach of the programme is to review, question and consider alternative solutions to complex and specialist topics. You will be encouraged to reflect on your current practices, explore alternatives and use experiential learning techniques to develop and demonstrate your competence.

For successful completion of any of these awards, you will need to demonstrate your current level of competence. As these awards have been specifically designed for specialist practitioners, you will need to demonstrate to our assessment team that you have a qualifying level of competence in your chosen specialist area. The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement is for those involved in the evaluation and/or management of the key aspects of employee engagement in the workplace.

Who is it for
The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement is suitable for HR practitioners with responsibility for HR decision-making and employee engagement and organisational design.

On successful completion of the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement, you will have demonstrated your ability to: 


  • analyse the concept of employee engagement, both intrinsically and also as an instrument for facilitating high-level business purposes
  • explain the empirical and philosophical connections between employee engagement, managerial leadership, strategic aspirations and HR strategies focused on infrastructure maintenance and also the development of human resource management (HRM) competitive differentiators
  • explore the critical contribution of employee engagement as a route to strategic, reputational and competitive excellence within a high performance working environment
  • design and undertake an analysis of the relationships, causal or correlational, between levels of employee engagement and organisational performance, measured by both process efficiency and corporate outcomes
  • create justified, cost effective and strategically defensible action plans for promoting engagement within their own organisation and elsewhere
  • evaluate levels of employee engagement within organisations, functions and business units and recommend and implement programmes designed to achieve remedial changes or embed levels of engagement already accomplished.
On successful completion of the programme, you’ll be awarded the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Human Resources, along with a certificate to show your expertise in employee engagement. The Award is accredited by the CIPD and is equivalent to QCF level 7.
How to gain

To gain the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement, you must:


Qualify for the award through a short telephone diagnostic

The first step is to make sure you are going to have the necessary evidence for the competency-based assessments at the assessment centre. A short telephone diagnostic will help us to decide if you qualify for this route.


Attend the following workshops


  • Induction Workshop
    Once accepted and registered on the programme, your next step is to attend an induction workshop. This workshop outlines the competency-based model for the Award(s), including the assessment design and criteria. We will cover all aspects of the assessments and how we can support you with compiling and submitting your evidence for assessment.

  • Two Working towards Assessment Workshops
    During the 20-week programme you are required to attend two separate workshops, usually in weeks 3 and 10. The style and approach of the workshops is to share experiences and ways of working and may at times require some pre-workshop activity.


Successfully complete

  • pre-workshop activity 
  • assessment preparation activities, key reading and research 
  • telephone assessment session 
  • preparation activities and evidence which you will present to assessors at the assessment centre. 


Your time in between and after workshops is taken up with various assessment preparation activities, as well as key reading and research with the support of your adviser. All of which prepares you for a telephone assessment session with your adviser in week 18. This session will focus on reviewing your preparation activities and the evidence you will present to the assessors at the assessment centre in week 20, giving you two weeks to take on board any adviser feedback.


Present to the assessors at the assessment centre
Week 20 is the assessment centre, which takes place over two consecutive days. You will go through each of the assessments with other candidates and receive your feedback report a week after the assessment centre, which will include the assessment decision.

Special features
To support you along the journey, you will have your own coach / adviser, chosen to match your specialist areas and industry background, so that together you can plan every step of the journey to successfully passing the Award.

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