Strategic Workforce Planning

Short Course
Duration: 2 days   /   Level: General   /   Suitable for in-house

Discover workforce planning strategies, interactive tools and techniques to create a workforce strategy that brings you competitive advantage.  

This course is part of a pair of Workforce Planning courses which will give you a complete understanding of workforce planning from introduction to advanced strategic know-how. View our introductory Workforce Planning course.

If you've attended the Introduction to Workforce Planning course, then this advanced course is a natural progression.



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09 June 2020
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03 August 2020
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18 November 2020
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Workforce planning is a business process to align changing business and people strategies. It needs to be evidenced-based using analytical tools to provide key leaders with the insights to make informed decisions on how to ensure the right people have the right skills at the right time in the right place at the right cost. It provides a baseline to build a sustainable process to compliment corporate business plans and one which allows both interactive modelling of scenarios.

This two-day course features the use of interactive tools and techniques to run analyses across component elements of both demand and supply criteria for your workforce strategy. These days provide good practice case study examples on how these models work in practice.  

If you have attended the one-day Introduction to Workforce planning course then this two-day advanced course is a natural progression to learn how to use interactive tools and templates to run analyses across component elements of both demand and supply criteria for your workforce strategy.

Course Tutors

Ms Esther O'Halloran

Who is it for

HR professionals and/or Managers who already understand the concept of workforce planning and want to enhance this practice to a strategic level within their organisation.


By the end of this two-day course you’ll be able to:


  • collate data inputs within your organisation
  • identify the tools required to carry out workforce planning        
  • understand demand planning and workforce analytics
  • build holistic models
  • create governance
  • consider employee engagement and talent retention in your strategy
  • address diversity and inclusion
  • understand the implications of supply planning
  • create a workforce planning strategy
  • integrate strategic HR interventions
  • implement your workforce plan.

Day 1 – applying strategic workforce analytics


Collate data inputs within your organisation


  • Review of required data collation
  • Identification of business sponsors/stakeholders.


Identify tools required to carry out workforce planning


  • Using excel as a starting point
  • What can HR information systems do for strategic workforce planning?
  • How to utilise best-in-class add-ons.


Understand demand planning and workforce analytics


  • Case studies and exercises
  • What data do we really need?
  • Trend and shape analyses.


Building holistic models


  • How people analytics has evolved to become a guiding force
  • Critiquing business plans from a people perspective (stress-testing)
  • Case study.


Creating governance


  • Setting out ground rules
  • Start date for analysis – avoiding moving targets
  • Moratorium on role/people changes
  • Playback and agreement.


Day 2 – creating business value via insights


Employee engagement and talent retention


  • Exercise in measuring attrition and improving retention.


Addressing diversity and inclusion


  • Beyond words – analysing the facts.


Supply planning


  • Understanding the labour market and unexploited sources of talent
  • Case study – sourcing scarce talent.       


Strategic workforce planning


  • Creating your model
  • Templates/reports/challenge and consulting
  • Creating the story and interpreting the insights.


Creating integrated strategic HR interventions


  • Succession planning and talent reviews
  • Assessing potential
  • High-impact recruitment
  • Active employee engagement.


Implementing the workforce plan


  • Templates for implementation and action plans
  • Pulse checks

Dashboards for monitoring.

Run this programme in-house

Strategic Workforce Planning can also be provided in house. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We can also tailor the programme to suit your precise organisation needs. To speak to our customer services team about your particular requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6202.

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Speak to one of our highly knowledgeable course advisers on +44 (0)20 8612 6202.



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