Introduction to People Management

Short Course
Duration: 3 days   /   Level: General   /   Suitable for in-house

Learn how to successfully manage your team in a way that will involve and inspire them to achieve organisational goals.

This course will also give you a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a manager, and help you tackle new responsibilities with confidence.



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12 August 2019
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04 September 2019
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23 October 2019
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13 November 2019
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03 December 2019
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Having skilled and effective managers is crucial to any organisation’s success. This course will help you understand the role of the manager and the responsibilities this carries, as well as your own approach to working with others and leading a team.

After this course, you'll be able to: 

  • describe the modern manager’s role
  • identify your preferred management style and its impact on your team and organisation
  • explore tools and techniques to manage yourself, what motivates you and how to self-develop
  • explore tools to effectively manage, support, motivate and develop your team
  • apply the principles of assertive communication, delegation and giving feedback 
  • outline a development plan to maximise learning from the programme
  • explore management theories and how to flex your management style
  • recognise the characteristics of effective teams and how to motivate different individuals
  • explain the life cycle of a team and the challenges of managing dispersed teams
  • explains some tools to manage change
Course Tutors

Mr Scott Leiper

Mr Robin Lawrence

Mr Jon Davidge

Miss Shona Kelso

Who is it for

Introduction to People Management is ideal for those who are:

  • new to management
  • recently promoted to the manager role
  • have been a manager for just a short while
  • are managing small to medium size teams
  • aspiring to the role.



Day 1


Managing Oneself


  • What’s different about managing people (Moving on to Managing People)
  • The roles & responsibilities, and complexities of the manager 
  • Explore tools and techniques to manage oneself
  • ‘What makes you tick’; major motivational theories and what this means for the individual manager and their direct reports
  • Establishing a personal responsibility for self-development, constructing a development plan.


Day 2


Getting the Job Done & Managing the Individual


  • Practising using tools and techniques to manage day to day work
  • The role of assertive communication in getting the job done and managing others
  • The principles of induction, supervision and appraisal (cycle)
  • Good practice in setting objectives and delegating, and how these support the performance management cycle
  • Practising setting objectives
  • The role of the manager in identifying learning needs
  • Creating a template for 1:1 discussions
  • The role of giving (and receiving) feedback in managing performance
  • Practising giving feedback through role plays.


Day 3


Managing the Team

  • Management theories as a means to understand natural management styles and their effects on the individual
  • The need to vary management styles to the motivational and development needs of different individuals and situations
  • How to motivate the poor and good performer
  • The need to foster a positive team atmosphere
  • The contribution of all team members with their different team styles
  • The life cycle of a team
  • Consensus decision making – its advantages and disadvantages and its role
  • The challenges of managing a virtual or dispersed team
  • Tools and techniques to manage change.

Run this programme in-house

Introduction to People Management can also be provided in-house. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We can also tailor the programme to suit your precise organisation needs. To speak to our customer services team about your particular requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6202.

Got a question?

Speak to one of our highly knowledgeable course advisers on ​ +44 (0)20 8612 6202​ .



People who have been on this course say

The course was very well presented, with the trainer ensuring that interaction with the delegates continues throughout. Easy to understand and relate to, with the need to refer to current/previous experiences a useful tool in itself. Ben
This was the best training course I have been on in 11 years. It was well planned, inventive and fun. I was thoroughly engaged for the full 3 days - something that is very difficult to do! Nick
So happy with the information I have gained from this 3-day course; will definitively use a lot of the activities in weekly/monthly meetings with my team. Antonia
A well rounded course. A good mix of practical examples, theory and discussions. Facilitator was a great teacher. Facilities were great. Great three days, great people. I learnt a lot that I will be putting into practice. Amy