Evidence Based HR Management

Development Programme
Level: General   /   Suitable for in-house

Explore the principles of evidence-based decision-making to make and argue for better decisions.

Please note that this development programme requires completing two pre-course online modules. The modules must be completed in the participants’ own time.

In this short video, some of the lead tutors offer an introduction to the what, why and how of evidence-based practice.


Start dates and how to enrol

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Using evidence to help make better decisions may seem like common-sense, but in many organisations there are misconceptions about what evidence is, and there are often barriers and obstructions – such as not having enough time to gather evidence – to using it effectively.

Despite this, evidence-based decision making has never been more critical to organisational and HR success, as it helps navigate political and economic ambiguity and ensure decisions are based on facts, not feelings or guesses.

Through tuition and practical exercises this programme, developed with the Centre for Evidence Based Management, explores what evidence-based decision-making is, what counts as evidence, and how to use it to make and argue for better decisions.

You’ll feel empowered to identify good evidence to support decision making, and to make a case for why evidence-based arguments should be at the foundation of all strategy. You’ll also develop the practical skills to rapidly assimilate and present evidence in a compelling, convincing way.

Length of Programme
2 days + 1 day follow-up and pre-learning
Who is it for

This course is for HR professionals, managers and all roles responsible for strategic decision making, developing business cases, producing sales plans and preparing their teams and organisations for the future.


On completion of this course, you’ll be able to:


  • assess the strengths and weaknesses and costs and benefits of evidence-based decision-making.
  • assess the extent to which claims (made by managers, leaders or policy-makers) are supported by evidence
  • assess the trustworthiness of evidence from scientific research
  • explain where the evidence regarding relevant HR topics is clear
  • conduct a CAT to inform decision-making.

Pre-course session 1     


The first pre-course session concerns an e-learning module that can be completed online in the participants’ own time. In this module, the basic principles of evidence-based management are discussed (what it is, why we need it, what counts as evidence, what sources of evidence should be considered, etc.), and practical examples are provided.


Pre-course session 2     


The second pre-course session concerns an e-learning module on professional expertise and judgment. In this module, you will learn what constitutes valid and reliable professional expertise and how to acquire evidence from practitioners in a valid and reliable way.


Day 1: Evidence Based Skills (09.00 – 17.00)


  • Asking critical questions, surfacing assumptions and checking the initial diagnosis.
  • Acquiring and critically appraising research findings
  • Critically Appraised Topics (CATs)
  • Searching in research databases (computer practical).


Day 2: Evidence Based Insights


Performance management

Talent management, recruitment and selection

Motivation, engagement, incentives, idiosyncratic deals

Practical assignment (CAT)


In-between course session                        


The in-between course session concerns an (optional) online group sessions in which you can get individual support on your CAT assignment.


Day 3: Putting it all together


  • Presentation of your CAT-assignment.
  • Aggregate: weighing and pulling together the evidence
  • Case exercises
  • Coaching: Applying the learned principles to an issue/problem relevant to your own organization
  • Drawing up an action plan to implement the learned principles into your organization.


Post-course session                      


The post-course session concerns online (small group) sessions in which you will be coached and supported to deploy their action plan.

Course Tutors

Mr Samuel Hill

Dates and fees

Full Up-front Qualification Fee £2,400 + VAT, Member fees: £2,160 + VAT

We do not have information about dates online at present. Please refer to the fees and Dates section below or contact our customer services team on +44(0)20 8612 6201 for further details.

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