CIPD Learning are experts in business skills training. See our selection of online and face-to-face business skills courses, covering areas such as essential skills for line managers and health & safety.

Online courses

Essential People Skills for Line Managers

Build the essential skills needed to get your team performing at their best, realising their full potential, and adding maximum value to your organisation.

Health and Safety

Learn how to mitigate the risk of breaching legislation through policies, processes and practices relating to Health and Safety in your organisation.

How to Create and Run Successful Webinars

Learn how to create engaging and effective learning through great webinars.

Managing Remote Teams

Learn how to successfully manage your team remotely to support and maintain their productivity and well-being, whilst ensuring they can still achieve organisational goals as a result.

Face-to-face courses

The Art of Influencing

Learn the art of influencing in this active and exhilarating course. Drawing upon the research of current thought leaders in the field, you will gain a "tool kit" of practices to embed the theory in your working life.

Assertiveness for Maximum Impact

Gain increased self-awareness and essential tools and techniques to support you to think, feel and be more assertive.

Building Resilience

Build your resilience for optimal performance at work. You’ll discover how to become more aware of stress and pressure, and what your current resilience strategies are. Plus, you’ll gain new techniques to build your resilience in order to better manage challenges at work.

The Critical Thinking Workshop

Critical thinking is the ability to think well, solve complex problems and make better decisions. It brings clarity to confusion. It gives you the principles to apply, questions to ask and errors to avoid. It increases your potential to succeed when others look to you and your team for answers that work.

Essential Interpersonal Skills

Develop your people skills to overcome resistance and engage and motivate people to work with you towards your goals.

Essential Interviewing Skills

Gain the specialist knowledge and practical skills to prepare for, and undertake, different types of interviews, with this three day course.

Facilitation Skills

Design and manage facilitation processes that will ensure successful outcomes and gain the commitment of all those involved. It's becoming a crucial skill for managers across the organisation to underpin facilitation processes. Also, it's a useful addition to the skill set for anyone leading focus groups, research, and for those who want to work with their teams in a different way.

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Develop your confidence and understanding of the financial aspects of your organisation.

Introduction to People Management

Learn how to successfully manage your team in a way that will involve and inspire them to achieve organisational goals. This course will also give you a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a manager, and help you tackle new responsibilities with confidence.

Key Leadership Skills

Start your journey from management to leadership, learning about what differentiates the two and what kind of leader you would like to be.

Negotiation Skills

Whether dealing with suppliers or clients, trade unions or colleagues, negotiation skills are vital to ensure personal and organisational success.