CIPD Learning are experts in organisation design and development (ODD) training. See our selection of online and face-to-face ODD courses, covering topics like digital working and ODD for HR leaders.

Online courses

Digital Working

Enhance your capability and understanding of Digital Working in this new programme designed to help you overcome the current capability gap and improve practices.

Organisation Development

Gain an understanding of the key characteristics and theories of Organisational Development that shape and underpin the practice.

Organisational Design

Learn the theories, approaches and tools that can be utilised to strengthen your practice in Organisation Design.

Face-to-face courses

Introduction to Organisation Design

Get a great introduction to the process, models and thinking behind organisation design.

Organisation Design

If you’re faced with the challenge of reorganising, restructuring, or changing other aspects of your organisation, the Organisation Design course gives you straightforward frameworks and practical tools to design an effective organisational infrastructure.

Organisation Development for HR Leaders

The Organisation Development for HR Leaders course gives you an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to use OD interventions to diagnose, plan, change and develop your organisation for sustainable performance.

Organisation Development: an overview

This two-day course will enable you to travel at high speed, from core OD theories, through to OD interventions; as well as focusing on the role of the OD practitioner.

The Psychology of Organisational Culture and Climate

This one-day Psychology of Organisational Culture and Climate course will enable you to use the power of organisational culture to enhance work performance. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of organisational culture, research and practice; giving you the insights to make recommendations for change; therefore achieving positive and sustainable outcomes.