CIPD Learning are experts in recruitment and talent management training. Here is a selection of our online and face-to-face recruitment courses covering all aspects of the recruitment process.

Online courses

There are currently no online courses on this topic at this time.

Face-to-face courses

AI in Recruitment / Talent Acquisition

Learn how to build, buy or partner Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your recruitment / talent acquisition (TA) process.

Essential Interviewing Skills

Gain the specialist knowledge and practical skills to prepare for, and undertake, different types of interviews, with this three day course.

Progressive Strategies for Talent Management

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to upgrade your talent strategies in line with progressive thinking with this two day course.

Recruitment Using Social Media

The Recruitment Using Social Media interactive workshop will deliver insight and share experiences that will build your skills and help you make your recruitment process more social and effective. Practical application of the insight is a critical part of this workshop, enabling you to experience social recruiting through a range of exercises.

Recruitment, Selection and Resourcing Talent

Recruit – retain – develop.  Broaden your reach and impact and build a strong process to recruit a high performing workforce with this vital three day course.